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I post a comment or question on...

birbsite: eerie silence, then a marketing bot follows me.

fediverse: fourfteen badillion replies that are all well thought out and interesting and oh god now I have to reply and I'm in seven conversations halp oops I made new friends

@andyAstruc I have some ok conversations on there but if I talk too much some people will frown at me and say it's the "wrong venue for a discussion". But won't suggest a "right" one. Except email, but that feels scary and claustrophobic, like a boss pulling you into a closed door office.

@natecull @andyAstruc Whoever is saying that to you needs to shut their piehole!

@dragonluvr89 @andyAstruc It's just some people really dislike 'thread mode essays' and I guess I don't blame them. They're on the site for short bursts of links and not discussion.

Nate Cull @natecull

@dragonluvr89 @andyAstruc on birdsite, I mean! All the Mastodon instances seem to be much more of a big rolling party (though idk really, I'm on and I only see the others from the federated timeline; and the GNU Social instances maybe have different cultures)

I follow birdsite journalists who do thread essays and I like it but I know many other users don't. Just different expectations.

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@natecull @andyAstruc yeah isn't that weird? It's kind of the same interface and yet the experience is so different! What gives??

@dragonluvr89 @andyAstruc I take from it that the community and norms around a given technology *are* part of the user experience, in a way that more nuts-and-bolts focused programmers perhaps don't quite realise.

"Your users are your user interface. Choose them well."

@natecull @andyAstruc That's deep. Wow. That's really deep. So you can be a programmer and not know that the whole point of what you're creating is about people and not the technical details. Deep.