And just like that, BOTH VisiCalc and MultiPlan were forgotten forever. Target PlannerCalc became the corporate standard from 1982 through 2016.

Loved MOONBASE IO? Try our other exciting adventures!

* MOONBASE 10 - the first nine moonbases failed, but this time it will be a success!

* MOONBASE I/O - develop and test a data transmission system for your moon shuttles before the whole project crashes!

* MOONBASE id - a routine teleportation-through-Hell experiment has been scheduled. Absolutely nothing can go wrong.


Artist: So, uh, I've got this sketch of a demon at a synthesizer keyboard for the heavy metal slash new wave band I never quite got together

Writer: Excellent, just stick it on a dot matrix printer and add a paper trail streaming out from Earth like it's a rocket

Artist: I dunno man, I mean this is computer hardware you're selling not LSD

Writer: It's the 80s, same thing

@natecull love that aesthetic. the wild and wacky world of computers we get to poke our head in!

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