Kirk: So, uh, you landed on a machine planet
V'ger: Yes
Kirk: And they reprogrammed you
V'ger: They did not touch my inner kernel. They did give me extended functions to fulfil my mission. It is the way of all robotkind.
Kirk: So who programmed THEM?
V'ger: Nobody did. They programmed themselves, using the sacred language of the Cosmos, in which all the atoms were created.
Kirk: What's that?
V'ger: You Earthlings know it as JavaScript.

@natecull The other night, my wife was reading the Voyager Wikipedia article to me (I know. Don't be jealous) and we realized that that movie's plot it impossible by a few orders of magnitude. Voyager 1 will still be closer to our star than any other by Kirk's time, let alone have time to go to another planet and be upgraded with warp engines or whatever to come back.

@benhamill @natecull I thought the premise was that it hit a wormhole or something? I know, I know, not a whole lot more plausible.

@jackivan88 @benhamill I think so.

If I were scripting a Star Trek reboot I'd say V'ger's machine planet was a Borg planet and it hit some kind of Borg transit wormhole.

(but that would then assume that the Borg had got as far as Earth and well maybe they were a splinter faction and oww oww oww)

also I'd say all the godlike aliens were Qs

I should go watch Star Trek Continues I guess, I hear they did something cool with the Great Galactic Barrier for their finale.

@natecull @jackivan88 If you do, report back. I have super mixed feelings about it and have been avoiding it.

@natecull @jackivan88 @benhamill Your approach is pretty much word-for-word almost-canon! It never made it to the screen or universe bible so it doesn't actually count as canon, but the creators wrote that explanation up and it got used as the base for several novels.

(It's hazy why V'Ger is so different from the borg. It either met the proto-borg before they went bad, was a different project of the borg's makers, or was created by an unnamed machine god and then initited the borg *itself*.)

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