@natecull It's fun, but it irks me, because it doesn't actually answer the question. OP didn't ask how to match HTML with a regex, but how to match *tags* with a regex.

That said, I feel the responder's pain, because they must have seen a thousand people trying to do the former. And this was probably just close enough to that, and they finally snapped.

@natecull a classic.

(meanwhile, approx 95 of the last 100 times i needed to extract some text from an html document, i probably just wrote a regex and moved on because life is short and dependencies are hell.)

@natecull @kurtm if you wish to truly glimpse the abyss consider a regex-detecting regex

@nev @natecull @kurtm if you're really into this kind of fun, damian conway has committed some pretty fascinating atrocities.


(i haven't actually watched the above talk, but i think it corresponds to one i saw him do at oscon one year.)

@natecull Every year I came back to this answer, wishing I could upvote it again.
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