I had an epiphany recently when an activist on a ventilator pointed out that it wasn’t their revolution if they died because you couldn’t keep the hospitals running.

Criticising “capitalism” only gets so far: you have to slide the better version underneath it while it’s running. You have to save everybody.

Otherwise you’ll need to remind me - and then - why you thought you’d be better.

This is why I like to watch “capitalism” closely (and lift everything that works).


@mala I have many and complicated Thoughts on this whole thing.

One: anti-capitalists need to understand a LOT more than they do about the massive and obvious failure state of anti-capitalism, the Soviet Union. I mean it's right there and yet so many anticaps keep just ignoring it like it won't happen a second time if we do the same things.

Two: some of the worst fails in the USSR came from drawing too many 'best practices' from the capitalists. Taylorist 'scientific management', for instance.

@mala Three: The USSR and Nazi Germany / Italian Fascism aren't opposite poles on a line. They're two out of a whole cluster of failure states in the 20th and 21st centuries and share much more in common than either liked to think.

it's not enough to be against fascism, in other words, if you're still hero-worshipping a bunch of dead German and Russian guys who built a 'utopian society' that ended up looking remarkably like their worst enemy.

@mala Four: A world ruled by Amazon and Apple and Uber and Wal-Mart ends up looking remarkably similar to a world ruled by the USSR or Nazi Germany.

Because they all shared that love of Italian Futurism and Taylorist workplace discipline and shining, clean machines making humans work faster and better. And if the humans can't keep up, sad.

Silicon Valley, the home of the weid eccentrics and free thinkers, sure loves to surveil and discipline and punish. Whoa boy. Loves it a LOT.

@mala Five: A complete breakdown of social order (civil war, anarchy, economic crash) with random failures and smashups is as bad or worse as having some big super-focused guy organising face-stomping parades with mechanical precision.

There's a reason people run away from warzones and don't go 'yay, finally the end of all those annoying social rules, a man and his AK-47 can at last roam free!!'

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