Imagine: You and your family are sleeping innocently and one night, men with gnus burst through the door and

yes, with gnus

no, not Linux. Blue wildebeest. From southeast Africa. They point a gnu in your face and

the pointy end, yes

the one with horns on

they say 'we demand a stable population with clearly delineated migration corridors from Kenya to Tanzania or we toss you into a watering hole'

to show they mean business they toss a lion into your swimming pool

its not even your lion

@natecull perhaps if they get what they are demanding the hurd will finally arrive triumphant.

@ink_slinger Yes! But you must endure the Sword of Damocles hanging over it

It's huge and ugly and wobbles in the wind and not even a proper sword. Maybe it's a horn off some kind of animal? Damocles was the former owner. He had really tacky taste in decoration.

Come to think of it, he was found one day mysteriously trampled by some kind of a flash mob and then eaten by a lion that had somehow got into the pool. It's why the place was cheap.

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