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Nate Cull @natecull

1984: omg what if a government used supercomputers to secretly track every detail of our lives. Must cut services and privatise all government functions (except spies, police and military) to prevent this!

2018: a loose cabal of unaccountable billionaires is now using supercomputers to secretly track every detail of our lives, to make themselves vastly rich and powerful. Well that's okay, as long as it's for *personal profit* it must be making us all better.

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@pnathan so see, to solve the "big government" problem we just make corporations as big as governments, and then... hmm...

... I'm sure I had an "and then" when I planned all this out...

Oh right. *I'm* on the Board of Directors now, that was my "and then".

(sips caviar slurpie)

hey, who put fish eggs in this, gross

@natecull East India company started the Big Corp trend. I wouldn't say that huge multinational companies as peers of nation-states is a new phenom

I'd be more likely to take the theory that "THEY" know everything if THEY didn't make so many mistakes.

For example, when I looked my credit report at annualcreditreport, I noticed several careless errors.

I wonder if some of the more absurd extensions of IP law are for the purpose of hiding the fact that the people running large corporations don't know what they're doing.