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Nate Cull @natecull

Customers: We like your software but uh, it's got all bugs in it, can you just give us the software without the bugs in thanks

Manufacturer: We hear you! Ship faster, more features, less testing, more bugs! Coming right up!

Customers: That's literally the opposite of what we asked for.

Manufacturer: Now don't be like that. Bugs are just the cost of features. You love features!

Customers: This feature's got antennae and wings. It's leaking goo.

Manufacturer: It's a beautiful fairy. Eat it.

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@natecull the features i want are all the ones they keep breaking to make way for new, worse features.

@natecull Part of the problem is the Other Customers who are chanting "FASTER FASTER FASTER" and then keep getting surprised by the bugs.