you GOTTA upgrade the software on your computer or someone may hack you, and steal all your money. so make sure to ALWAYS update your computer.

btw, sometimes when you update your computer, it'll ask you if you want to replace some important-sounding script youve never heard of yet have apparently changed

this means you now have to work out:

-what the script is
-what it does
-what "your" changes do/mean
-what their changes do
-which set of changes to keep

good luck!

so i restarted my computer after that upgrade


fucking hate linux !!!!!!!!

why did me upgrading my system remove the font that i use. why??? what the fuck is going on??? can someone explain how and why this can or should happen

turns out that whatever it is i upgraded reset the contents of /etc/fonts to the default. why?? who knows

/etc/fonts, if you are not aware, has the weirdest way of configuring shit (by which i mean, bad, since i only understood what the fuck was going on because i'd already had to troubleshoot an issue with it 6 months ago), you have all of these xml files and they have names like 70-no-bitmap-fonts or 70-yes-bitmap-fonts and to enable bitmap fonts you copy the file from one folder to another

why does it work like that??? probably someone has a really good explanation, one that sounds really clever. but their explanation is wrong, because it shouldn't work like that, since nothing works like that

so anyway my experience of linux, on a ~monthly basis?? you upgrade or install something, and something breaks or doesn't work, and to fix the thing so that it works you have to learn about a program you didn't know existed, understand its uniquely fucked up configuration schema, make changes you don't really understand, and then sit tight until in 6-12 months it breaks again and you have to remember how the fuck you fixed it last time

@jk so this is weird, right? i've had this installation of linux for like 3 years and never encountered an issue where i had to edit any system files or fix anything, the system just works.

@Gargron you probably arent doing anything interesting with your computer :(

@jk @Gargron what distro are you on so that I can never use it. never in my life have I seen an upgrade go so poorly and I used to run Gentoo

@Vopo @Gargron this is Mint, I’d say I have about 1/2 the number of problems on an arch-based distro but they’re still there sometimes

@jk @Vopo oh good god mint is the worst OS. stay away from it. my dad also had lots of issues with it. their website got hacked because they use wordpress lmao

@Gargron @Vopo this looks nice but i bet that if i actually end up using it, in 6 years someone will be be telling me that it's the worst OS and their website got hacked

@jk @Gargron six years is a while tho. the same has been frankly more true for commercial products. last year you could break into a Mac by not putting in a password

@Vopo @Gargron tbh although it does look nice i just can't deal with using a distro that isn't in the top 3 most popular because i need a large sized community support structure & docs

@jk @Vopo okay. i personally am using ubuntu gnome (16.04 LTS). that's the one i had for like 3 years without issues

@Gargron @Vopo ah, i switched to mint from ubuntu at the time because everybody told me ubuntu was the worst OS

@jk @Vopo canonical ubuntu is pretty bad because of the preinstalled desktop environment (unity) and some dumb adware like the amazon launcher integration. ubuntu gnome is a fork with a different DE (gnome)

@Gargron @Vopo ah, back when i used to use ubuntu the desktop WAS gnome, maybe im just extremely out of date

@jk @Vopo gnome 3 looks different to gnome 2 and i like it a lot more

@Gargron @Vopo on everything linuxy i use i3wm and uhh, idk what it's called. kde? gtk?? xkcd?? anyway i have no way to tell because everything just looks like i3. i probably use a different environment on each computer

@Vopo @Gargron someone needs to draw me a venn diagram with x, x windows system, x11, x.org, gnome, unity, kde, gtk, i3, dwm, and wayland in it


@jk @Gargron @Vopo

X is the Tenth Gate. If opened, it releases the Darkness.

X Windows came out of the Gate. It's just another name for Windows 10. Apple's been secretly running it since 1999.

X11 is the Eleventieth Portal. It's eleven times worse than X.

X.org is the Xorgs. Don't mess with them.

Gnome and Kade both sit beside the Gate and will tell you that the other one lies. Maybe not even one of them is telling the truth.

Enlightenment is a mad druid who laughs at all who pass by.

@natecull @jk @Gargron @Vopo how did you make it through this whole post without mentioning bill gates

@Gargron @jk @natecull @bonzoesc yeah he's also just an agent of capitalism among many faceless others.


GNOME finally got rid of it. They are migrating to a Way better Land.

@natecull @Vopo @Gargron @jk
All three are movies which appeared on the original -- Top: "Project Moonbase"; Center: "The Brain That Wouldn't Die"; Bottom, "Puma Man".

@flugennock @jk @Gargron @Vopo aww, I was thinking it must be a progression of the same character: getting a cyborg conversion, then flying

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