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Nate Cull @natecull

Sacred geometry
Sacred algebra
Sacred calculus

Deconsecrated vector calculus

Lapsed hypercomplex analysis

Profane numerical methods

Heretical quantitative finance

Blasphemous mathematical physics

Evil engineering

Unspeakable sociology

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"But my theory works! I've tested it! I built a laser deathray that vaporised the population of an entire city!! And I used it to carve my manifesto on the Moon!"

"Yes, Professor. The Ethics Council is well aware of your misdeeds. Not only did you conduct *applied* science... you used it to commit an act of *literature*. We have no option but to banish you to the Private Sphere."

@natecull Quantitative finance seems more like a diabolical discipline to me. :/

> Heretical quantitative finance
Anything on the left of Keynes,him included