The Java 9/10/11 release trainwreck continues to gather speed, with absolutely no thought for passengers, safety, etc

<<JDK (Java Development Kit) 9 became generally available in September 2017 and will be obsolete by the end of March 2018. This means there will be no public updates. Developers either have to migrate applications to JDK 10, which will have an equally short life, or stick with JDK 8.>>

Java 8 is losing all security patches after September 2018, so YOLO.

(checks Oracle roadmap)

Yep, the Java 8 train ploughs into a wall this September.

You *could* upgrade to Java 9, but don't do that because Java 9 loses support this month, Java 10 will only ship the moment 9 expires, and Java 11, the only actually supported one, doesn't come until September.

Oh, and the entire version naming schema changes this month, but don't actually use that version.

Also devs should ship their own JRE, not use the system one.


But the messaging for Java 8 EOL is actually SUPER unclear, because apparently patch support ends EITHER:

* "Sep 2017" ("End of public updates notification")
* "January 2019, or later" (???)
* "December 2020, or later" (????)


".. individuals who require Java SE for non-corporate desktop use will continue to receive updates through at least December 2020"

what? what does that even mean?

so what about Java 8 running on CORPORATE DESKTOPS?


"Oracle will not post further updates of Java SE 8 to its public download sites for commercial use after January 2019"

So they must have backed off from their original announcement, which WAS that public updates WOULD END on September 2017.

but what the HECK does "End of Public Updates Notification" for September 2017 mean???

will they post security patches after September but just.... not announce them???

What does anything mean anymore.

Ah wait, the announcement originally was "September 2018 would be the last patch update" and this was notified in September 2017.

This is still the case; the patch updates for 8 were quarterly, so Java 8 is patched until January 2019 BUT THEN EXPLODES IN A SCREAMING BALL OF BANSHEES AND RUSSIAN VAMPIRES.

And you just gotta hope like heck that Java 11 is okay for use by then.

This is so terrible that third parties are offering support.

So yeah, the Official Oracle Java Story (tm):

* Java 8 turns red-LED eyes evil and starts immediately haxxoring all yur Gibsons on 1 January, 2019

* Java 11, which is Java 8's replacement, doesn't come out in until September this year. No, you can't test it. No, you don't know if it'll support your corporate web apps. Most probably it won't. You get three months to test it then BOOM. Hope your enterprise webapp coders are on the ball! Also still in business.

* You do this again in 2021!

** Also Java 11 won't be called Java 11. It'll probably be called 'Java 1809'.

Good luck if your corporate webapps (all probably written in 2001) expect a sensible Java version string!

@natecull OMG, no auto updates off of Java 8. It's amazing how little they seem to care about it developing an ActiveX-like reputation.

@natecull And no more SOAP. That's like the entirety of pre-REST corporate service-oriented architecture. Wow, they *want* to put big corporate shops in an awkward place.

@natecull if you're using java code from 2001 you need more than good luck...

@natecull By then I expect Oracle will have entirely dumped Java onto Eclipse like J2EE

So the new name will be Jakarta SE!ptawptaw

@natecull I think the worst is that each java version now has only 6 months of support. I hope will port some of the security patches back to the lts branches

@MaSven I believe the as yet nameless Java version dropping around September this year (like it's PROBABLY gonna be called Java 1809, or will it be Java 18-09) will have Long Term Support for, idk, five years or something?

Until then, though, I wouldn't touch it.

No not from oracle. Java 10 was the last oracle version we will get for free. After that only the GPL builds are available for free. And the GPL builds only have 6 months of support with 2 minor releases. And they dropped the renaming. It will be called java11.

@samis all I want is for our corporate websites that use Java to keep working, and for the Russian Mafia not to download all my internets

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