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Nate Cull @natecull

So uh hello everyone, meet my (literal) big brother @pdcull .

He's been working with at-risk teenagers in the favelas of Brazil for the last 20 years; is a certified CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trainer and Emergency Manager; is studying for a Masters in Emergency Management with a special focus on empowering communities to develop resilience.

He has seen a bit of crap in his time (corrupt cops, drug dealers etc) so he can *probably* cope with you all.


Be nice.

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@natecull @pdcull Helluvan introduction. Welcome to the fediverse.

@natecull Well, welcome to the #fediverse, big brother @pdcull. I hope you like it here.

@natecull @pdcull Not too often I hear about CERT stuff outside of like... doing CERT stuff!