Medium needs to stop doing this, or people need to stop using Medium.

It's a website that hosts blogs.

That you read.

it doesn't need your Fooglebaceook account.

@natecull Are there any Medium-adjacent services that you can recommend?

@christianbundy @natecull If you're looking for an alternative service to use in place of Medium, it's extremely easy to generate a site with Jekyll and publish it to IPFS/Dat or any halfway decent web hosting company.

@alcinnz @natecull

True, I just really enjoy the fact that Medium (and Mastodon) are usable from a plain old web browser -- no server-side install required.

@christianbundy @alcinnz is just as usable from a browser, and I assume Blogspot is still around, and if Livejournal weren't owned by Russia it also would be.

Nothing Medium does is new or special. It's 2000s era blogging - just way more naggy.

@natecull @christianbundy @alcinnz

If you miss Livejournal, Dreamwidth runs the same software (more or less) but isn't subject to Russian law.

Say it with me now:

👌 Wordpress takes 5 mins 👌

@natecull Come-on Medium, I don't care about you!

I care about elementary LLC, and the links my friends and family send me which may be hosted on your site.

@natecull this is why I don't have an account there. I think they were accepting Twitter logins back when I considered it.

But now they got that floating nav thing and I've lost what little interest I had.

@natecull how diificult is it to run a blog? people need to stop using medium if they want different results

@natecull Do they not even allow email signup anymore? 🙀

@natecull medium is a cancer. We need to make jekyll-like blogs as easy to use as wordpress...

@natecull People on this thread might enjoy reading this:

A typographer cited by one of Medium's own (actually by the team) blogposts expressed worry about Medium, and expressed his distaste for their typography. Too monoform, not catered to the text they host at all.

@natecull Excerpt from artical linked above 

... though Medium and I are both mak­ing tools for writ­ers, what I want for writ­ers and what Medium wants couldn’t be more dif­fer­ent. Medium may be avoid­ing what made the type­writer bad, but it’s also avoid­ing what made it good. Writ­ers who are tempted to use Medium—or sim­i­lar pub­lish­ing tools—should be con­scious of these tradeoffs.

@natecull Also, note that it's tracking you despite not having a login. Where else on the web is it tracking you to?

@natecull Old joke, but always relevant: Medium is perfectly named. It's neither rare nor well-done.

@natecull I've been surprised today for about 20 seconds when I saw this today. Then I simply clicked the X button. On the browser tab. The fewer people read Medium posts the fewer would keep posting to it.

@natecull They asked used to sign up with birdsite earlier since that's the parent company anyway.

Maybe they realized that big G and big F are more popular than birdsite.

@natecull There is no "or" about it. People need to stop using Medium. Decentralise the web!

We have to get more people to write static blogs again

@natecull Actually I never understood why medium became so popular. Because sites like wordpress weren't cool enough anymore?

@ckeen @natecull I think it's a case "they made the UX pretty good for writers" - IIRC their rich editor is basically best in the industry

(also, it looked nice with omg typography)

@calvin @natecull Yes the design has been nice indeed. I don't know about the writer's ui though.

@calvin @natecull @ckeen Also excellent UX for readers. Easy to find the document you’re looking for.

@ckeen maybe because it deliberately blurred the difference between 'Legitimate Journalism! tm we paid for' and 'some rando just put up a blog'?

So every blog on it suddenly looked exactly the same and all of them looked like Legitimate Journalism! tm and all of them came with a built-in halo of pricey fact-checked goodness even when they absolutely weren't.

which in itself is not a very nice or ethical thing to do when you think about it

@natecull @ckeen It took a few Medium posts for me too to understand it's not a new online journal (or at least a collection of curated content), but just a souped-up blog platform...

@natecull Medium is super annoying already with their top and bottom bars even without that idiotic popup. I think people need to stop using Medium whether or not they get rid of the popup.

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