The Consortium is clearly not doing their job. A Grade Theta Reality Fracture Hazard has occurred. I assume Adjustment Bureau agents are already on scene, but this is very sloppy work. Very sloppy.

Liza Daly's occasional Twitter series on terrifyingly dystopian 19th century 'utopian' SF novels is pretty amazing

<<"A Journey in Other Worlds" (1894), by John Jacob Astor IV: real estate magnate, bon vivant, heir to a fur and opium fortune, and casualty of the Titanic. "Journey" is set in the year 2000 and while it has utopian elements, it's primarily sci-fi. And it's illustrated! >>

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And now, the Finger Family will illustrate for you the immanentization of the Eschaton using Rainbow Fruit Pops as symbols of the 32 paths of Forbidden Knowledge

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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Duke Java the Ubiquitous

I thought not. It's not a story Sun Microsystems would tell you.

<< Duke was designed to represent a “software agent” that performed tasks for the user. Duke was the interactive host that enabled a new type of user interface that went beyond the buttons, mice, and pop-up menus of the desktop computing world.>>

This article about a better way of doing tabs in programming languages (that requires Sufficiently Smart Editor support) cleverly embeds its own refutation.

(The important thing about code is that it needs to be 100% unambiguous at all times, AND it needs to exist for much longer than the life of the average executable. Or in this case, longer than the life of an extremely mainstream programming language.)


<< I’d never seen Diffie (of Diffie-Hellman fame) until now and I can’t shake the feeling he’s shown up to invite me on a magical adventure. >>

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Hoo boy

is that a lot of comments
that seems like a lot of comments

To say nothing of Stanley Kubrick's demand to work with actual aliens. And THEIR demand for green M&Ms.

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