Ah, autoplaying grossout videos. My favourite kind of legitimate news.

also the USA banning all romaine lettuce seems a bit interesting? is that a usual sort of thing these days? will there be dawn raids, "possession with intent to distribute an uncut salad bowl"? What's the difference between romaine (evil) and cos (chaotic neutral...??) What about in Colorado and Washington, is romaine still banned there?


Huh. That's an interesting choice for the very first thing to show your users when you install a product.

I guess if you got a big gun, you might as well parade around with it strapped to your waist.

<<List of VMware Patents>>

why do people say 'SEO' in public where people can hear them say it

do they just not care what people think of them


Honey, uh, did you

did you marry a horse

did you marry a horse and then elope to the colonies of New Zealand

just so you could avoid having the talk with Daddy about Proper Class and Breeding in a Prospective Husband

or did the Christchurch Gondola, Christchurch's Premier Tourist Attraction not bother to proofread their map

it's just it's a PREMIER attraction, that's all


Canada Can't Even Do Biology Right, Literally Is Made Of Aliens

<<Canadian researchers have discovered a new kind of organism that's so different from other living things that it doesn't fit into the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, or any other kingdom used to classify known organisms.>>


"PS I think we can simplify it further"

this is not.... simplification

this is not even on the same planet as where simplification lives

Dear Wordpress devs:

If your answer to 'how can I do this extremely common thing' is ever 'write custom PHP', you and your product and your tech writers and your documentation team and your support team and your plugin developers and your user community have all failed terribly


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I really wanna know where all these public domain video clips came from


especially this one

<< The mistakes that ruined GUIs forever — the rejection of composition, the paternalism toward users, the emphasis on fragile inflexible demo-tier applications that look impressive in marketing material but aren’t usable outside extremely narrow & artificial situations — weren’t invented at PARC but imposed by fiat by Jobs upon a team that already knew better than to think any of it was OK. >>


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