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Nate Cull


Youtube what the effing eff did I just tell you not to do

Youtube you just go back to your server rack and THINK ABOUT THE NAZIS WHAT YOU JUST DONE


Youtube that thing sidling into my algorithmic recommendations better not be what I think it is

Youtube you better not be recommending me an effing Apollo denial conspiracy video because I watched a true space science movie

Youtube don't do me like that Youtube

It's so clear now

It's all connected

(these are all random From and To links that SixDegreesOfWikipedia itself picked)

I am intrigued and yet afraid to know more

Too many ebooks? Losing track of short term memory? Ask your librarian if Zotero, Docear or Qiqqa are right for you.



While this is true, I think this doesn't quite get that it's not JUST formal academics who engage with research like this.

Or it shouldn't be.

All snarking aside, there's some pretty great observations from this research:

(and the fact I have to share quotations of text on social media as *images* is a clear example that something very important is missing on the Web today)

Ah, the whole thing seems to just be promotional sales press for 'The Rebus Foundation'.

(some janky database-backed thing)

Let's start at the the FAQ!


this looks like a community super interested in long-term archival scholarly data formats

2018: The year the vet says you need to get your pet's cybernetic implant patched or I guess it'll join the Botnet of Cats

That's certainly one way to make all the monsters-eating-people sirens go away

Chief Monsters Not People Eating Officer at Monsters Eat You World (sponsored by Human Monster Chow Inc) bravely stands by his post as the big cartoon 0 falls off the 'It Has Been [0] Days Since 200 Million People Were Eaten By Monsters In This Factory' sign behind him, and then a monster eats the sign and it explodes

Professor Madbot, this time you've gone too far!

The World Institute of Synnoetics, Computology and Turingineering will have your licence for this!

So an actual Cambridge University psych professor was involved with Cambridge Analytica...? Is that why the name, or just a weird coincidence?

<<My lab investigates the prosociality and well-being from biological, psychological, and cross-cultural perspectives. In particular, we are highly interested in cooperation, trust, altruism, positive emotions, close relationships, happiness, physical and mental health, and cross-cultural differences.>>

Good LORD this portrait? photo? of Julius Evola is about as Bond Villain Nazi Vampire as you can get

even the Monocle of Evil (tm)

maybe I'm judgemental but I feel like maybe he wasn't a very nice man

Ah wait, the announcement originally was "September 2018 would be the last patch update" and this was notified in September 2017.

This is still the case; the patch updates for 8 were quarterly, so Java 8 is patched until January 2019 BUT THEN EXPLODES IN A SCREAMING BALL OF BANSHEES AND RUSSIAN VAMPIRES.

And you just gotta hope like heck that Java 11 is okay for use by then.

This is so terrible that third parties are offering support.

(checks Oracle roadmap)

Yep, the Java 8 train ploughs into a wall this September.

You *could* upgrade to Java 9, but don't do that because Java 9 loses support this month, Java 10 will only ship the moment 9 expires, and Java 11, the only actually supported one, doesn't come until September.

Oh, and the entire version naming schema changes this month, but don't actually use that version.

Also devs should ship their own JRE, not use the system one.


A slight revision of the latest XKCD to make it a little more accurate.