I thought the Semantic Web couldn't represent logical contradictions, and yet...


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The colour plates in the middle of Jeffrey Mishlove's 1975 "The Roots of Consciousness" strike me as one of the sources of inspiration for the opening titles of The X-Files. Particularly Plates 11-14 (Kirlian photographs ) and Plate 16 ("Unidentified objects photographed in Yungay, Peru, March 1967, courtesy of Aerial Phenomena Research Organization Bulletin, January 1969").


aka 'Three Function Keys Should Be Enough For Anyone'

Narrator voice: They were, in fact, too many


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Wonder how Nina Ricci stock is doing right now

cos that's now a brand I for one am not gonna be spraying on anyone unless I *really* do not like them



comment from the wonderful / terrifying article about how MySQL's UTF8 support is completely broken


So very close, except it turned out to be the Russia-Indiana alliance

and no thought at all as to what this might mean for cybernetics since Silicon Valley would be, um, Silicon Trench

this was the pre-Google era, though, just. The idea of the decentralised Internet re-centralising in San Francisco maybe hadn't quite hit home to Texans?

This design note wasn't really a thing in DX1 at all, other than grumpy ol' Gunther, but I guess this drove pretty much the whole plot of Human Revolution and also Mankind Divided.

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