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This seems like it was obvious, and yet, it took someone to make it

What. A Hypertext Editing System in 1967 no you're not allowed to have Hypertext in 1967 give me back that TARDIS key



aw man lookit these cute lil Space Tugs! So that's where Kubrick got his Pods from!

safety what safety

<<a maximum allowable radiation dose for an astronaut from sources other than cosmic rays of between 10 and 25 Roentgen Equivalent Man (REM) per year. Astronauts riding an RNS would, however, receive 10 REM each time its NERVA I engine operated. >>

I wonder what modelling language this chart of modelling languages was modelled in

Do you remember when the last programming language arrived, in 1981, and it was literally called The Last One, and every program ended in a line saying 'TERMINATE' and how we all laughed

and then came the nuclear fires of Judgement Day

The Timex-RadioShack B83, an entry-level personal nuclear device released to the market in 1983, initially shipped in a popular 'assemble it yourself' configuration which was slightly cheaper than the prebuilt model, but this was discontinued after too many support calls saying 'help I have accidentally lost Firing Pin Link Initiator A behind the sofa cushions'

The B61 nuclear weapon user interface could use some work, though it's not bad for a physical dialog box

I'm just not sure if 'command disablement' means 'it explodes' or 'it doesn't explode'

it's probably not an important difference and will be changed in the next patch anyway

Google what

do you drive cars with that same algorithm

also wow the eyebrow thing IS a new trend then, and it's not that I just noticed it in the last few years?

yes, I am sure that is exactly what Oracle will be doing with Java web plugins, yes

Oh hi there Microsoft spell check did you know it's 2018 and we have words now