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Job hunting so I get to come up with new reverse-interview questions. My favorite new one that I’ll be using going forward: “tell me about a time your company made a principled choice not to build something that would have been profitable.”


* "Yer lookin at me? Yer wanna piece of me? Yeah tough guy, just you click. Just you click once."

* "Hot singles near you want to read your DRAM"

* "My client (the party of the first part) has retained me to notify you that it really would not be advisable to initiate that connection to my database. However the choice must remain yours. Etc, Apache & Sons"


* "Wheee! Hee hee! Debug me if you can! Whoo!

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KateClanchy1 on Birbsite is a teacher judging a poetry competition. Some of her kids appear to know what they are doing, to say the least. Freya is 13 and apparently prolific and this is the best poem I've read for a long while:

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I remember that folk duo

of course Holly Gogrimly went on to become a big name and Fubris Galoshniak fell into obscurity


sorry, channeling wrong reality there, it sounds like a good punk Christmas band name

@sydneyfalk That's it, Holly And Fubris is my new punk Christmas covers band

It's absolute folly. And hubris. It's fubris.

if its from Canada
and it's all cybered up

certainly New Wave

if it's German and screams
about gods and machines

that's not New Wave
that's just Kraftwerk
or Bowie
hard to tell the difference really

if it's obsessed with fashion scenes
from magazines

British New Wave

if it's aliens in space
with a smile on their face

Italo Disco


when a punk hits a prog
like a robot's loose cog

that's a New Wave

when it whistles and blips
and the song's about microchips

New Wave

when a white guy can't dance
with an unplugged keytar

might be New Wave

it's about nuclear doom
in a computer room

def'nly New Wave

we're ninety minutes in
and we're still just on Track One
ten discs to this album
could be the human race is run

the rusty wire that holds the cork
that keeps the anger in
gives way - and suddenly
there's prog again

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that is the best band slash urban fantasy detective name ever

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__いつも優しく厳しいママに 子ぎつねは何を訴えているのかな… (´◡`)
Fox kit and Mom by Markward 2014/4

* Origin: Twitter (

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Just saw a cross-stitch that said "Warning: this is proof I have the patience to stab something 1000 times."

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Funnily enough when I get a lot of new followers I get much quieter 😩

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@forty8bits @feoh I wish I could learn more than my few words of Chinese.