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and by 1250, no more Croatia, because Hungary got hungry

oh THAT'S how we got a Croatia, oh ew, also, yeah, um, let's skip the mid-1990s

whoops the Kingdom of Rum is now the Sultanate of Rum, was just gonna ask how the Second Crusade went, guess that answers that

Guys, guys. GUYS. In the 1100s there was not only an entire COUNTY OF CHAMPAGNE but also A KINGDOM OF RUM let's get the time machine started

uh I mean also there's a few Crusades, but

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🎉 v2.4.1 is out:

- Delete & Redraft for toots
- Improved e-mail validation to fight spammers
- Improved block/mute behaviours
- More unicode emojis! 🐺
- Important database schema fixes
- Performance improvements 🚀

It is a beautiful, bloody, little geographic data visualisation tone poem of a book.

Two thousand and eighteen counts of Grievous Bodily History, Grand Theft Mediterranean, and Possession of the Central Asian Spice Trade with Intent to Distribute

Currently reading: Muir's Historical Atlas, Medieval and Modern, Eleventh Printing 1968 (first printing 1911)


1. There is too much History. Stop doing History.

2. History is usually Done using pointy objects.

3. Sooner or later someone will Do History back to You, and it will Hurt

See, the really Interesting Thing about Economic Class is that - with the proper tax structure, and with most income coming from rental wealth - it actually is Inheritable.

Very much like Race, see, in that way.

It becomes something you're born into, and is measured less in Companies and more in Families, who tend to marry each other.

Becomes very similar to Aristocracy, Monarchy and Feudalism.

why did we forget that "economic class" is an actual thing and that it's separate from race?

in whose interest might it have been that we forget?

are we embarrassed to start talking about Class again?

is it that it's become Socially Acceptable on the Polite Left to talk about Discrimination Based On Race, and yet Very Socially Unacceptable in the same Left to talk about Discrimination Based On Not Having Giant Stacks of Money?

did stacks of money have any influence on this change, I wonder

There sure are a lot of people talking about "whiteness" these days in a way that sounds remarkably not at all like skin colour.

As in "look at these billionaires this is what whiteness looks like, also whiteness isn't race"

At some point we probably need to start saying "rich" and stop saying "white" when we actually mean "rich" and not "white".

It's like the Left is struggling to articulate the idea of "class" because they forgot it's a thing, and are trying to make race do class's work.

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stan lee plays a super hero known as butterfly man
all his cameos are him slightly changing reality to make sure the hero wins
the saviour of us all

Thank you SO MUCH for adding Delete And Redraft!


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which raid level is it that stores the 1s on one drive and the 0s on the other

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human memory is too normalized. theres hanging references everywhere. most of my fuckin brain is just primary keys pointing to other keys

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Band name of the day:

Rick Astley Type Nightmare

NOTICE: We have updated our privation policy. Also our ursury, penury and precarity policies.

No, none of them include cookies.

Cookies are for winners.

(counts on fingers)

no see then it'd be Fallout 16

(breaks out slide rule)

by my calculations it's 19 times bigger

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