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<<Synnoetics was Fein's term for "the cooperative interaction, or symbiosis of people, mechanisms, plant or animal organisms, and automata into a system that results in a mental power (power of knowing) greater than that of its individual components." In many ways, synnoetics was much more akin to the contemporary discipline of cybernetics that to the modern discipline of computer science.>>

Applied epistemology via big data hypology on the blockchain, but with permadeath and as a roguelike

I wonder if we can resurrect Louis Fein's wonderfully spooky word "synnoetics"

(sigh, his 1961 paper is still paywalled)

or maybe "comptology"?

<<Fein proposed several names for this new discipline, including "information science", "intellitronics", "synnoetics"... others would add "datology", "hypology"... "applied epistemology" and "Turingineering">>

<<The White House condemned the attack on Skripal and his daughter, and pledged support to its “closest ally” Britain, but repeatedly refused to drawn on who was responsible or even mention by Russia by name.>>

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Theresa May accuses Russia of the Skripal nerve agent poisoning.

<<“Either this was a direct act by the Russian state against our country. Or the Russian government lost control of this potentially catastrophically damaging nerve agent and allowed it to get into the hands of others.”

She said that Johnson had summoned the Russian ambassador, to account for how the nerve agent had been deployed. The UK government demanded a response by the end of Tuesday, she added.>>

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and you also certainly won't be taking any rockets or nuclear fissionables into space

cos those could be repurposed for

aw, never mind, you'll figure it out eventually

I assume you won't be taking any AI with you to Mars, then, Elon?

<<Musk said he was now kept awake at night by the threat posed by unregulated artificial intelligence, which he has previously warned could lead humanity into a third world war – another the reason to go to Mars.>>

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Important to this also was the complete lack of solidarity in many hippie movements. Self-actualisation does not connect one with others. And their rejection of hierarchy was more a rejection of ~recognising~ hierarchy, so that individuals could benefit from it while being immune to criticisms for this.

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From now on, all references to "leverage" as a verb will be replaced by "crowbar".

I look forward to crowbarring our core competencies to enhance shareholder value, together.

Wait it just changed domain names, which is also perfectly normal and secure


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There's even a japanese fashion subculture (the yanki) that's basically an exaggerated version of 50s americana -- leather jackets, rockabilly music, pompadoured hair (like elvis but about three times longer in the front), and imported motorcycles.

If elected, I promise that my administration will be a total bacle.

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One of my least favourite habits of mainstream news sites:

"Other news site X reported breaking story Y..."

that's nice that you're telling me? But I'm going to click over to read X's reporting now since they're the ones with the actual story.

If I wanted to just see a repost, I'd read a blog or Twitter.

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