Heaven karaoke will be some shit like Silent Night, in the style of the Christ child

i've only got 12 followers on here. /cracks knuckles/ time to get posting

I've been making a series of videos about US labor history if you're interested youtu.be/JLfS0qTZMFk

haven't been on the "fediverse" much lately (I prefer to simply call it mastodon) but

ok well I finally gave in and made a gofundme to get me top surgery bc I am feeling relentlessly horrible with dysphoria


boosts very much appreciated!!!

(to everyone who has put money in my ko-fi: I've set it aside to put towards the costs, I'm not just pocketing it for treats! thank you so much)

so here's a life update: i've gone down by like 1.5. so if you thought i was an 8 i'm now a 6.5

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