My 14yr old daughter Neve is trying to raise £4,000 so she can spend 4 weeks in Kenya in 2020 helping disadvantaged communities to repair and rebuild their schools and housing. I’ve promised to match every pound she raises so please donate if you can. ❤️

Time to place bets on when this system will be abused to send a presidential tweet.

If you ever doubt the usefulness of your efforts, remember that a substantial amount of trees are planted by squirrels hiding nuts and then forgetting where they put 'em

Just ordered an iPhone SE. Yes, you read that right. Functional, compact, Touch ID and a headphone jack.

If you're looking for a UX Designer/Product Designer/Design Director type person I'm available from 17th September for short-ish projects.

Boosts appreciated 👀👌😘

Chrome is now hiding "trivial" subdomains in the URL bar (www[.]domain[.]com shows only domain[.]com ). This is plain wrong, and buggy as hell :/

Unpopular opinion: modern indie games often have way too much storytelling and/or the stories are so weird that they turn me away from playing.

Feature request for Mastodon: to "watch" a toot for notifications of replies.

This is some truly awful UI on the Dell website. I have to click 'Sign Out' to get to my account.

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