With the next Apple event looming I have a terrible feeling that all we're gonna get it bigger thinner phones when all we really want is an iPhone SE 2.

@nathanpitman I want an SE2 and you want an SE2, but Apple knows what the bulk of its customers want, and an SE2 is certainly *not* it.

@Alrescha I just want a phone that fits in my pocket and my hand without having to constantly adjust my grip. :/

@Alrescha I think Apple aligns smaller screen with ‘low end’ for some reason.

@nathanpitman Perhaps. I love my SE, but my friends with large-format phones outnumber me 10 to 1. You said "all we really want" which to me implied that there's some large percentage of folks looking for an SE2. I twitched because (unfortunately) I don't think that's the case. I do think the SE was more popular than Apple expected.

@Alrescha I would love to see some kind of poll on this. I agree I'm prob in the minority.

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