continuing to fill my closet with vtuber merch (i can't even wear this for at least two months with how hot it is lol)

replaced the switches on my IIDX controller today~ i had been getting double and dropped inputs so it was finally time

hopefully getting new springs soon too so the buttons will require less force to press!

in love with everything about this 🥺 thank you

v excited to see ichiko aoba and go to second sky in the same week n_n

good mail day!!!

featuring: nezukonezu32, marutar, amtrsgmaou, oinari_sensei, morikuraen, luca oliveri, komugiko_2000

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i haven't been playing a ton of DDR the last few months and jeez my stamina is just *gone*

tragic that there's no higher quality version of this song out there (rip lady's only ;_;)

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