caught up on Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction and dang what a cliffhanger to go on hiatus with

why get a ps1 classic when you could get a ps3 that plays physical and digital ps1 games??

is this week going to finally be when i make something with vue??? i think so!

i have an interview next week for a full-time job!! i'm very excited!!

( you might be into this?? maybe???)

apple killed the se and 6s, guess i'm never getting a new iphone

glad i decided to catch up on Revue Starlight, that show is going places (and the animation is *still* fantastic)

i tried installing budgie on top of my existing ubuntu install (i just REALLY want a global app menu) and that sure was a mistake!

sabrina beat the blood-starved beast!! i’m so proud!!

cool lyft driver telling us about grains, catherine the great, and coyotes

hey google that’s uhh extremely not where i’m trying to go?

this happened yesterday and it sent me to an industrial park

very glad a new ios 12 beta came out today so i don't have to deal with the popup this weekend!!

seeing wild rabbits every day is easily one of the best parts about living where i do

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