I do think we lost something as a culture when we started processing trauma through subtweets and discourse instead of through challenging people to meet us on the secret dueling arena sitting above our school for swordfights with the blessing of the Rose Bride

Hey Fedifriends! :tealheart:

I'm running a short research survey on Mastodon usage for a graduation paper on alternative social networks. Your input will hopefully help me introduce new concepts to media studies in Poland.

Please fill this survey and share with your friends, especially if you know some scholars involved in this topic!


video games: in the absence of repressive society to control mankinds worst impulses, only a world of endless senseless violence could result

real life: hey we kicked the cops out of our neighborhood, want to help me pick up trash and then put up a mural? also we're doing a documentary screening in the park later

the 100 gecs money machine influence is very strong in this video and i'm here for it youtube.com/watch?v=Paf77vcLlQ

this is an incredibly easy chart but this is my first pfc ever :')

ahhhhh i bought one of those fancy ortholinear keyboards, can't wait it make it cute whenever the dsa magic girl set goes back on sale

catching up on the spf420 sets from yesterday, @ddddddeon@twitter.com's was incredible, and @thebalamacab@twitter.com putting motoro faam in their set is truly unbelievable

that anamanaguchi spf420 set was unbelievably good :')

it's only a 9 but i think this is the best i've ever done on a song in ddr??

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