hello welcome to my twitter where the only thing i tweet is links to music i like

new shlohmo, american football, and la dispute albums today!! v good music day

i got a B on a 3 in IIDX and i’m feeling good about it

also, i played DDR and dancerush stardom for two hours and i need to play more immediately

wild that i called myself an introvert in middle/high school when i just want to be surrounded by people 24/7

for anyone that hasn’t done their taxes yet: credit karma’s tax filing was way easier and faster than turbotax, is free, and let me do more than one income source

stop giving turbotax your money dang

i have a bad habit of making a thing for myself, releasing it publicly, and then just dropping all support

this extension mysteriously got ~3000 users so uh i felt like i should fix some stuff

updated time tab for the first time in a while! fixed a lot of long standing issues → nathanwentworth.co/projects/ti

added yet another section to the home page of my site, this time my currently watching anime! (nathanwentworth.co)

one of my all-time favorite mixes, huewave by tielsie, is gone from soundcloud ;_;

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