Who else hates the ocean?
(As a vacation spot - not out of spite. )

This is Batson Creek, near Salcombe. Painted last year in September using watercolour and gouache. The structure on the opposite bank is a lime kiln.

Today on: "Cat in Lap; Can't Move..."

I want food. I guess I'll perish...

oh yes, last year for pride i was hired, with some other brazilian illustrators, to make some art for an ad

today it was announced that this marketing campaign won an award: PRWeek Global Awards 2022, in the "Best influencer marketing campaign" category

this is the art i did. it had to fit some weird horizontal proportion, and it had to be a reimagination of an image they sent me. it was then projected into a big wall on an avenue.

anyway, lesbians kissing

[#art #MastoArt #lgbtq ]

A Naiad from my first Strangehollow book (2017). I'm reprinting this book as part of my Seas Of Strangehollow crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter (21st June 2022). Love doing watery ladies! #MastoArt #art #watercolour #watercolor #fantasyart

Topic: faces

Finally an idea emerged in my mind today, probably inspired by other photograobers who already posted here and on Telegram. Little did I know what will happen with the idea when I start to experiment.

If you want to join the challenge, post yours here with #bwPhotoCollective hashtag or to the BW Photo Collective telegram group (handle: BlackWhite_Photography, feel free to ask for invitation)

#bwPhotography  #Photography #PhotographyChallenge

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I need to go down stairs, but there is a cat on my feets. Send help.

Been practicing some more collage + mixed media with #CuratorPrompts26 and I gotta say I love how vibrant you can get the colours with this method. Made using paper from magazines plus acrylic paint.

#CuratorPrompts #MastoArt #collage

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