Hey @unfa, I know you were looking for an alternative to Baudline a while ago - are you aware that the Calf Analyser has a really decent spectrogram? Kind of a pity about the calf green theme, as it's pretty low contrast. But very usable, and seems fairly efficient.

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@naught101 I used it before I found Baudline. It's not very readable, and there's a lot of other things in the UI - for recording videos I need something with minimal needless UI. Recent I've been using Wolf Spectrum.l by Patrick Desaulniers.

@unfa Fair enough. Those wolf plugins look cool, been meaning to try out the wolfshaper for a while, but ardour doesn't want to load the precompiled lv2 binaries right now.. will have to try again later. Also, I think I will put in a suggestion to Calf for a high contrast theme.

@naught101 I think that having the spectrogram deviate from the theme or be a special case would be nice. It's skeumorphic design, and I get it, but in this instance it's making the software less useful.

@naught101 Regarding Wolf Shaper not loading in Ardour, please create an issue on GitHub so that we can debug this :)

@pdesaulniers Works after restarting ardour. Looks pretty nice, thanks for your work :)

What would be super nice, that as far as I can see none of these spectrograms have, would be a customisable contrast curve (like the colour curve in gimp), so that frequency levels could be separated a bit more exactly. Your wolf-shaper spline would be perfect for this ;)

@naught101 Thanks! Yes, I think custom contrast curves would be a great idea.

Ideally, there should also be some way to customize the color ramp, the input threshold, the input gain...

Anyway, the plugin is still a bit rough around the edges. I need to spend more time on it :)

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