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Haha, no potato. But now we have fucking ScoMo as PM.

Emoji make a lot of sense in a world where ephemeral communication needs to be expressed over distance.

Written language evolved when human society existed largely at village scale, and was most useful for conveying more permanent information, where emotion is less relevant. Ephemeral information was conveyed face-to-face, where emotions are more immediately clear.

Now, ephemeral information is conveyed more in written form, and so emojis fill the gap when faces and bodies are not available.

This is fucking crazy. AIs performing better than humans in a first person shooter game, with only the visual feedback and final score to guide them.. 😯

"Relatively Independent Sub-Totality (RIST): any entity that, from one point of view, seems to possess a clear boundary separating it from the world (as do cells in a body) but that, in a deeper sense, is inextricably linked with a larger totality (as are cells in a body). For example, the biological entities traditionally known as “human beings” are nothing more than Relatively Independent Sub-Totalities of the social organism in which they are embedded." -- Neal Stephenson, Cryptonomicon.

Are there currently any geographical in the ? I'm thinking of setting one up for my city - it seems to me that a geographically local "local timeline" would be quite interesting and useful.

What are people using for a sampler plugin in ?

The Klangerzueger plugin looks quite cool, but misses a few features. I've never managed to fall in love with samplev1, are there any other simple plugins out there, preferably with pitch/keyfollowing and looping?

@unfa? Anyone else?

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happy #NetlabelDay!

my new album Reveries is out now - 14 fantasies of hope, uncertainty and perseverance.

licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike!

stream or buy (name your price):

#ND2018 #Music #MastoAudio #MastoMusic #CreativeToots #CCMusic #CreativeCommons

Wrote an honours thesis and two papers on independence of climate model simulations in 2012/2013. Still can't spell "independent" correctly most of the time.

Me too :) Do mastodon musicians have any preferred hash tags? I've been using . What else?

@mxjxn: @Luka @celesteh @d0kt0r0 @controlfreak @snowdusk @unfa @alonealastalovedalongthe @Sakrecoer @basspistol @jakebeamish @waldvogel @lambdagrrl @powderpaint @timrowe @stringbender @yaxu @6klop @thatcotter @sciss @viciousviscosity @food @shoutcacophony @OsirisSaline @poemproducer @lauraritchie @studiodessai @pawlowa @eoan @brinsolomon @hairylarry @wrl ... Followed everyone here!

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would really like to use mastodon more often but I don't really have the network here that I'd like. can anybody recommend some cool music/tech/music-tech folk?

@artsyhonker have you ever come accross any good choral/electronic dance music cross-overs? I heard an awesome track at a gig once, but never got an ID on it (even asked the DJ), and have been trying to track it down for ages, but my knowledge of choral music is really weak. I've found a few, but most of them are pretty bad.., Can you give me upload privileges on funkwhale? I would like to upload some of my own original music.

@unfa Do you put your zyn presets out anywhere? Especially interested in the snare in URI#06 - that's very cool

Music! Where have you been? It's been a while.

This track's been on the back burner for a while. It was made with only 5 sounds - 3 drums, piano, and a bass synth. Only one line of automation (on the bass). I'm pretty happy with it.

It's a free download too. Does anyone actually do that anymore?

Guess the demand for probably isn't gonna come back up, then. Coal companies almost certainly have better forecasts than I do in that regard.


Well this sounds pleasant. Social media, bank credit, criminal injustice system, and social stigma machine all rolled in to one.

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