I challenge you to find a skilled speaker like in the entire Parliament who talks about protecting the constitution and democracy by staying within the limits of the constitution.

Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi is voice of voiceless. FIR against him is an attack on constitution?

Constitution given the right to disagree and to even review.

Warrant against Shashi Tharoor for speaking truth, case against Asaduddin Owaisi for disagreeing with SC. Are we democracy?

Modi govt and its stance on education. In many developed countries education is being free/cheap for all. @Deepsealioness

Who is going to be the next CM of Maharashtra?

"Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Same as what happening in India under Modi govt.

PS- Writing this way on Twitter can lead to account suspension 😂 @Deepsealioness

Nation is celebrating and memorising - The "Champion of Education" on his birth anniversary.

A freedom fighter, Bharat Ratna, the first education minister and the man who established IITs and IIMs in India 🇮🇳

A fascinating fact: After railways and army, Waqf Board is the largest landowner in this country.

Magical scored an hat-trick today and equalises Ronaldo's 34 hat-trick record in

Now an obvious que. Who is the 🐐?
🔄 for Ronaldo
⭐ for Messi

Or vote here 👇

Wtf is this. Despite tweeting in trend like and still after 2h my tweet got 1 engagement. Seems like Twitter restricted it.

That's why I'm leaving Twitter. @Deepsealioness can you explain why it's happening?

The system has failed us again. Disappointed, enraged, and in total loss of words. Hoping for nothing, but peace.

Justice died 27 years ago, today it was finally buried.

is out. Now can we please focus and discuss on last night released farmer suicide data and sinking economy?

Govt. released farmer suicide data under plan before so it will go unnoticed. @Deepsealioness

The way I'm freely expressing my view here on about is quite rare on

Because Sanghis and paid trolls are currently not present here who abuse 24×7. Hope it will remain untouched 🙏😆

If entire disputed land is of a particular representative then what's the need of allocating 5 hectares of alternative land for another? Compassion or what?

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