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> DoorDash has no mention of its massive data breach on its homepage. There's nothing on its Twitter or Facebook page, either.

> What's also weird is DoorDash's robots file (doordash.com/robots.txt) hides "/securitynotice" from Google, so people can't even search it.

- nitter.net/zackwhittaker/statu


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Why privacy matters

Glenn Greenwald was one of the first reporters to see -- and write about -- the Edward Snowden files, with their revelations about the United States' extensive surveillance of private citizens. In this searing talk, Greenwald makes the case for why you need to care about privacy, even if you're "not doing anything you need to hide."


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New SIM Card Flaw Lets Hackers Hijack Any Phone Just By Sending SMS

"As a potential victim, it appears, there is nothing much a mobile device user can do if they are using a SIM card with S@T Browser technology deployed on it, except requesting for a replacement of their SIM that has proprietary security mechanisms in place."


A new phishing attempt claiming to be from @ Mail_Gun. Beware! Always double check the link you are visiting.

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2007 - The first fediverse project

2018 - Hello Pixelfed

12 years later, Canada is still pushing the fediverse forward 😉

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