...That said, I always had a soft spot for this Breakers Break old-school breakdance electro remix of Harder Better Faster Stronger from the robot head era: youtube.com/watch?v=mHueXau8rS @BBC6Music@twitter.com

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I could've seen Daft Punk at Tribal Gathering '97, but chose to watch Orbital instead. TBF Orbital were great, but Daft Punk had a huge impact, particularly in those early days. Their remix of Chemical Brothers' Life is Sweet ('95) is my all-time fave. @BBC6Music@twitter.com

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The UK is at a pivotal moment to build its future in AI.

Join us on February 24 when WIRED's @GregWilliams718@twitter.com and the head of the UK gov’s office for AI @sanakb@twitter.com will explore the role AI will play in rebuilding the post-Covid economy.

Register today: trib.al/VSBw3N9

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The GOV.‌UK Design System wants new members for its Working Group to make it more diverse and representative than ever.

If do service design, content design, user research, business analysis or software development on public services, apply here: design-system.service.gov.uk/c 1/4

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The red planet as drawn by Leeds astro-artist Thomas Scriven Bolton in his back garden observatory in Bramley in 1913.

From @BNArchive@twitter.com

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Some of the exciting topics you'll hear top experts discuss at :

🌍 Tech against climate change
🧪 AI for smarter science
😌 A new epidemic – mental health
🎓 Bridging the skills gap
📊 Doing better in data science
🛣️ The AI Roadmap

⭐️ 23-24 March > turing.ac.uk/ai-uk

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Read All About It! Our @royalsociety@twitter.com Report on how shape-shifting, self-healing, autonomous materials could help build sustainable future is here: royalsociety.org/news/2021/02/

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I'm happy to announce (Algo|Afro) Futures, a mentoring programme for early career Black artists in the West Midlands who want to explore the creative potential of live coding

Four participants will receive mentorship from myself and @yaxu@twitter.com on all things live coding

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Today is a day to celebrate the life of Andrew. Make something positive and creative out of it, write a drum beat, draw, read a book, write a poem, listen to some music you have never listened to before. We lost so many beautiful souls last year

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This year @WOWisGlobal@twitter.com brings you feminism for under tens, joys of grandmahood, sex in lockdown and how to do your own plumbing! Never have I seen such a fun accessible schedule.

March 15: Join me @Maxi_Macki@twitter.com + @sharmadeanreid@twitter.com for How To Talk To Robots


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Help us understand our users better! We're looking for a consultant for a 4-week project. Budget: up to £12k – apply by 19 Feb. Find out more: threesixtygiving.org/about/vac

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We really would love to hear from you. @UkNatArchives@twitter.com is a very special place (magical in its way) to work too. twitter.com/uknatarchives/stat

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Do you use — or want to use — , and in your organisation?

Join our free virtual roundtable on 24 Feb.

There will be two panel discussions + Q&A, focused on democratising AI and its use in health and care.

More info here: lnkd.in/e8XsDBg

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*Deep breath*

Having got the UK to implementation...

🎺I'm off to lead engagement on the Civil Service Reform Programme. 🎺

Who should I speak to? What should I be learning from? How can I best go about this?

Answers on a postcard. (Or, you know, below)

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🎉🍃🕹️ Happy 30th Birthday to , which was created by DMA Design in Dundee and released OTD in 1991. Lemmings has estimated to have sold around 20 million copies between its various ports. Many retrospective reviews say it is one of the greatest games of all time. @mdf200@twitter.com

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Hi all, I really need work at the moment. I am a very experienced writer, structural editor, copy editor, proof reader, project manager and copywriter – of fiction and non-fiction, for adults and children. Please DM me if you need help, or please retweet this for me. Thank you!

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