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Hello 👋 I'm Nathaniel or "Nate" (he/him).

I'm a Visual & UI in the . I've always been artistic & a geek so a career was a obvious choice.

When I'm not working I'm 🎮 on PC/console, ✏️, frequenting pop/rock/alt concerts & exploring NorCal with my GF.

Life long enthusiast/hipster (I liked them before they were a juggernaut).

Long time Twitter user increasingly nervous about the direction of that platform.

What is this shit?! on Apple TV uses a custom on-screen keyboard to sign-in so I can’t use via my iPhone to auto-fill my login.

To make things worse their “sign in with your phone” feature doesn’t work for me either… I wish would enforce standards.

Finished season 1 of last night 🚀

Not quite on the same level as The Expanse but very happy with how ambitious it is. I love all the world building and politics. The production on this series rivals DUNE and I kinda want models of the ships.

So has officially made the app something I hate using… The feed now has as many ads and suggested posts as it has posts from accounts I follow.

Not all suggestions are bad but I want control over what I’m seeing. You can only “snooze” suggestions for 30 days.

All my macOS Music app bug reports that have gone unanswered… 🪦🙃

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Apple Music has been both my favorite Apple service and least favorite macOS apps, the perfect example of Apple’s software quality slide.

The Software Slip —

The new EP is so damn good, it just makes me want an LP 😭

My new Mac shipped directly from the factory in China and has arrived in the USA. Excited for Friday! 🎉

Just uninstalled Turbo Boost Switcher in anticipation for my M1 Max MBP (I won’t be on battery much before next week)

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