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Hello 👋 I'm Nathaniel or "Nate" (he/him).

I'm a Visual & UI in the . I've always been artistic & a geek so a career was a obvious choice.

When I'm not working I'm 🎮 on PC/console, ✏️, frequenting pop/rock/alt concerts & exploring NorCal with my GF.

Life long enthusiast/hipster (I liked them before they were a juggernaut).

Long time Twitter user increasingly nervous about the direction of that platform.

Wow, almost 2 full days of work on this painting?!

Can’t really speculate on when I’ll finish it yet, but it’s taking shape… Fortunately progress is accelerating as I get practice with the brushes, style, and subject matter.

Me every night: I’ll get ready for bed after I finish adding a little more detail to this part

iPad: You’ve reached your limit on Procreate
Me: Ignore for 15 minutes

iPad: You’ve reached your limit on Procreate
Me: Ignore for 15 minutes

Me: Oh it’s 1 AM… 😵

No evidence was found that is bulk uploading photos without permission but still see some FUD today…

Funny because most people give Facebook/IG nearly unfettered access to their data & photos without blinking an eye, this is not much different.

“FaceApp raises concern about how personal photos are used”- 9to5Mac

Not shocked and why I haven’t downloaded the app already… Keep in mind photos also contain meta data, including location if enabled in your camera app.

I’ve been using Notes in split view for my reference images while working in .

Lots more work to do on this painting but I’m super happy with it so far! Stay tuned.

I’m still a bit slow at painting but I made good progress on my latest digital painting tonight. It’s definitely my most ambitious Procreate project yet so it may be awhile still before I’m ready to show it... I don’t want to spoil the finished product with unfinished teasers, as tempting as that is.

I’m really loving my iPad Pro, it’s my best tech purchase in a long time. I’m glad it’s helped get me back into making art for fun (as intended).

“U.S. May Outlaw Messaging Encryption Used By WhatsApp, iMessage And Others, Report”

Here we go again… Lawmakers who use Hollywood buzzword bullshit like clearly don’t know enough to to make policy about .

“Gmail’s API lockdown will kill some third-party app access, starting July 15”

Gmail as a locked-down proprietary service is sickening… Email is intended to be an open standard (remember those). Time to break-up big tech.

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