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Hello 👋 I'm Nathaniel or "Nate" (he/him).

I'm a Visual & UI in the . I've always been artistic & a geek so a career was a obvious choice.

When I'm not working I'm 🎮 on PC/console, ✏️, frequenting pop/rock/alt concerts & exploring NorCal with my GF.

Life long enthusiast/hipster (I liked them before they were a juggernaut).

Long time Twitter user increasingly nervous about the direction of that platform.

Been a bit quiet on my social accounts lately and I’m not really sure why.

I’ve got a backlog of photos to process and post also… Guess I’m just being lazy.

Oh I’ve been bad about posting lately. Probably share some pics I took over the weekend soon.

An unfinished quick finger I did on my iPhone a few days ago. It’s no iPad Pro but it’s still a powerful sketchpad that’s always with me.

I kinda love that Instagram targeted ads think I *might* have a cat… While I do like cats they would be wrong about me having one.

Ads seem less creepy when I’m using NordVPN & ad blockers, like it relies heavily on who I follow with less re-targeting from my browsing.

PSA - Brave "privacy" browser is malware Show more

The Tortured Case for Deleting Instagram

This covers most of my concerns with IG and why I’ve also been slower to delete it than Facebook.

Played the today. I’m fairly underwhelmed actually... Fun flying & ok shooting but not doing much unique. Too many slow loading screens, even a few in a mission… Waiting for reviews.

I find Destiny 2 more interesting and I haven’t even played in months.

My latest Procreate sketch 🤖

Getting better at keeping it loose and rough, saving details for last or for my very best work I want to polish.

Just spent 2 hours deep cleaning my fridge! 🧽 Wasn’t awfully dirty but I’m going to start on the right foot with my new roommate. I’m most dreading cleaning around and under the stove/oven.

Less eventful update: got home and installed the battery, the car now works again! 🎉

I lugged my new battery down the block to a Mediterranean restaurant for dinner before getting another ride home.

Updates on the install to come.

I’ve had a “fun” afternoon. I took a break from work only to find my car didn’t want to start because the 2012 battery is apparently finished. With some guidance from my brother I removed the battery and took a Lyft to the nearest auto-parts store to buy a replacement…

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