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Hello 👋 I'm Nathaniel or "Nate" (he/him).

I'm a Visual & UI in the . I've always been artistic & a geek so a career was a obvious choice.

When I'm not working I'm 🎮 on PC/console, ✏️, frequenting pop/rock/alt concerts & exploring NorCal with my GF.

Life long enthusiast/hipster (I liked them before they were a juggernaut).

Long time Twitter user increasingly nervous about the direction of that platform.

Re-posting 1, 2, and 3 in one (getting caught-up)

“Shot on 👁Phone”. What if iPhones were bio-mechanical? A concept that might be fun to develop more.

I don’t think I could be more excited for ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ tomorrow!

Here is the final version of the unofficial poster I painted.

“Several high-profile game developers publicly accused of sexual assault”

It’s important as gamers that we listen to and support these accusers. Hold the industry accountable.

Throwback to graphic design school in Tucson AZ, 2002 or 03 if I’m not mistaken. I gave this card to a classmate who somehow kept it all these years and sent me this photo today. (All the contact info and URLs are long since gone or not mine)

I made phone, tablet, and “Pro Display XDR” 6K wallpapers of my painting. I’ll probably post them tomorrow.

Here it is! My (unofficial) ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ poster.

Full quality image & process details on my site:

Made in Procreate for iPad with the Max Gouache Pack.


Well that’s nice! I don’t need to put my plans and work on hold for jury duty.

Not shocking but still, tech security/privacy ignorance is still infuriating…

“82% of People Say They Connect To Any Free WiFi That's Available in a Public Place, Survey Finds” - Slashdot

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