Finished the final Ferrante novel yesterday, while cooking for dear friends. I'm not the only person to mention that in finishing the series, you feel as if you have occupied, or lived, a whole life. Though it's not your life to live, the grief of ending feels incredibly solid, it has corporeal weight. It's been quite a while since I've read something that has me thinking about the lives of characters during the day, entirely accidentally. Took a breath, and returned to cooking, still reeling.

Though I'm not sure why most of my posts aren't showing when you click on that handles from outside oulipo.

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You can also find me on @ndk where I'm having more fun than I should, but then again I'm an ex literature grad who made up word games for fun.

(To those who are just joining, Mastodon is becoming something of an evening meditation, or reflection. Pace setting, perhaps.)

Today, gave myself some measure of distance from a busy week, to be busy in other ways. An hour or two making my way to the end of the last Ferrante, writing something other than loan requests and emails, trying to achieve some order in a house still recovering from my sudden presence. Still avoiding painting the spare room, because that means I have to start working in it. Tried to stay away from the news. Hauntology and curation, the doubling on of future narratives and present anxieties.

Last night, long late night chat with the wife of PH's friend, a design anthropologist who opened our conversation quoting a paper she'd recently read criticising the whiteness of SCD, going on to talk about women's work in making, to then her own experiences as a mother, a woman, a wife, in academia. Sincerely grounded, whip-smart, and cynical but with such immense, deep warmth. Finished the night in her basement studio, with PH, her husband, her eldest son, and several musical instruments.

Never quite lose that feeling you get when you've asked to include a really cool artist in your show, or speaker at your conference and they get back to you with an equally enthusiastic response (or one at all).

Long, but otherwise enjoyable three weeks in the Netherlands for our Impakt curator's residency. Much happier, and more secure in our decisions for Haunted Machines, though it's still an astonishingly mammoth task. Can't wait to be home for some reasons, dreading it for others. Mostly quite excited about the future, and actually doing projects and things I'm happy doing (more on this soon, can't announce a lot yet).


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