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Watching my daughter's sleeping face in the flicker of the router status LEDs.


To get a list of your "birdsite" follows and followers before closing your account...

$ gem install t
$ t authorize
$ t followers neatonk > followers.txt
$ t followings neatonk > followings.txt

Woo hoo!!!! over 400k users now. Time to close that Twitter account I never use.

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402,970 accounts
+844 in the last hour
+25,179 in the last day
+182,384 in the last week
1,015 active instances

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PSA: The SNI extension for TLS is awesomesauce. If you're doing HTTPS, you should totally enable SNI if at all possible.

Why? Because it means people who don't have a dedicated IP can still expose end-to-end secure TLS servers the the wider Internet.

I'm lookin' at you, #Mastodon federation code!

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Happy to announce the release of Code Shifter, sci-fi fiction aimed at kids with elements of real Clojure code in it

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Just in case there are any new Mastodon instance admins out there reading this, the number one thing you need to have in place if you want any sustained presence on the open web is a backup system in place and tested. This was one of the things I found early on with the !Freedombone project. If you don't have backups, or only an untested system, then any database corruption, failed hard drive or whatever can delete your entire user community overnight. I think that happened to at least one gnusocial server after the 2016 Twitter exodus.

Freedombone uses Obnam to do encrypted backups with a gpg key, but there are various other options available.
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191,543 accounts
+2,856 in the last hour
+34,035 in the last day
545 active instances

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Fellow Mastodonians, remember that we're the new kids in the #fediverse. Your #Mastodon instance can have its own culture, but there were established norms before we arrived. We don't get to come in demanding changes. If you don't want to follow the norms, don't federate, I guess, but don't tell the #GNUSocial people that they're wrong or bad.

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The interesting thing I've seen about the fediverse is that you can't exert control. If you squeeze it, it just kind of squishes out the sides. We've got people here who want a Facebook experience, some want a Twitter experience, some want an experience like they've never seen before. Some want control. Some are anarchists and loathe control. There are people that get along and people that hate each other with a passion. They all tend to co-exist in this alphabet soup of projects and protocols; some which sort of work together and some that don't. Mastodon will eventually fit in, although they may stay in their own communities and refuse to venture out at night or beyond the network fence which separates them from the unwashed heathen masses. Right now they appear as a disruption in the force. The fediverse like the internet it sits on can handle disruption. If there's perceived damage, we will just route around the damage and carry on.
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I haven't used OCaml in four years and I went back in to make a change and it was super easy because the compiler pointed out all my mistakes:

I could see myself getting used to this.

I'm a developer.
I won't toot too much.
I will be lurking here.
I will boost.
I will say hi.

This joke from birdsite, seems even better here...

I've got four twenty ten nine problems, but counting in French ain't one.


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