@luka@mastodon.art Crowdfunding is private and commercial - and as such not determined by democratically elected representatives. Commercial transactions are much more direct indeed, but you are playing as part of a market place - so competition is different.


@luka@mastodon.art form follows funding - there are definitely things you can't do in a market place that you can with public goods, and vice versa.

@luka@mastodon.art for me these things go wrong when this is mixed up - e.g. public money being spent on maximising profit for a private company or private money spent on something the state should be in control of

@luka@mastodon.art for arts specifically my favourite 'purpose' which cuts across both is "conspicuous waste" - we are so RICH and SUCCESSFUL that we can splash money to these crazy people (not so common these days outside of China)

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