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Needs more chat. What's your favorite show or movie in the genre? Note that favorite does not necessarily mean the one you think is the best, just the one you love most.

Mine is Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, those video game doctors permanently altered my brain.

I got 3 vaccines in one arm today and boy is it starting to ache

You could ask me to explain what he's doing with this attack, but I can't.

He calls it "Blue Snake". :googlesnake:

( #SuperSentai Denjiman: The Movie, 1980)

(opening an ogg file) stand back, I am beginning to vorb

So excited about my new pan, now I have a saute pan that fits my stove

Trinity is still pretty fun, i don't think audiences were ready for this level of comic book bullshit yet at the time.

The producers are stupid for pissing off Wesley Snipes and Kris Kristofferson they coulda made like 50 of these movies with a new way for Whistler to come back and then die again every film and made so much money.

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Somehow I'd never seen Blade (1998) and it's leaving Tubi at the end of the month so i watched 1 and 2 while high last night.

Blade was amazing, stupid, delightful, high octane action.

Blade II was also pretty solid although i preferred the style and pace of the first movie. Fun recognizing Donnie Yen and Ron Perlman.

I hear Trinity kinda sucks but I'll give it a chance.

I wish companies that make homeopathic "treatments" a very die in a fire every time I have to see your bullshit on a store shelf with alongside real medicine.

#Tokusatsu be like "Let's take this outside" *goes to find a quarry*

some of the physical copies should arrive today so I'm bumping this

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It is the time of year again where Toku Slide celebrates our anniversary and so PAKIGE be upon us! The public entries have been revealed, physical zines mailed, and the digital zine distributed to members.

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