#orgmode quesiton: when publishing (C-e) to HTML, orgmode can't render internal links, like [[#link here]] any idea why?

yes so it's the specific link. When publishing from #orgmode I get "unable to resolve link: 'emacs'

the link is this: [[#emacs][Emacs]]

the Custom ID is 'emacs' right there in the same document.


I can't reproduce -- your heading looks something like this, right?:

* heading text
:CUSTOM_ID: emacs

@neeasade thanks for helping. I couldn't replicate in a new file. Works fine. It was that specific org and I'm not sure what. Options for both are the same

@neeasade i have another weird org issue where headers disappear. Maybe related. 🤔

@neeasade no. The headlines disappearing happens in general, across different org documents. Something in my settings because rmacs -q does not have this issue. I'm not sure what it is. Can be a different issue.

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