@Gargron Thank you for an alternative to the tyranny of Twitter. I hope that more people from India and elsewhere use the platform. Will stand you a meal, if you are ever in Delhi, India


@majchowdhury @sanjayuvacha @Gargron @Mastodon I missed that storm on Twitter. Can anyone provide a gist about it?


@varkychen @majchowdhury @Gargron @Mastodon
@Gargron Most of us are fed up with the birdsite. Abusive Trolls, communal hate-mongering, fake news, govt propaganda you name it. We can't speak the truth coz we get mass trolled. Twitter India is heavily compromised and has become pro- right wing extremism and pro-regime. Tipping point was when twitter handle of @sanjayuvacha was blocked for putting up the photo of August Landmesser (lone man against Nazis).

@varkychen @majchowdhury @Gargron @Mastodon @sanjayuvacha
It was blocked twice in 2 days for some old post. sir denied to put down the post and his account remains suspended till date.
This constant throttling of dissent is suffocating.

@varkychen @majchowdhury @Gargron @Mastodon @sanjayuvacha
If a lawyer of the apex court (Supreme Court) can be gagged for dissenting... Just imagine the plight of ordinary citizens like us!

@Hyolobrika @neelamsumbrui @majchowdhury @Gargron @Mastodon @sanjayuvacha Yeah. The day before that happened, he was blocked for his profile pic of August Landmesser refusing to give the Nazi salute.

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