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ayyyy what terrible mistakes are we gonna make next year lads

hey i forgot, grandma said to tell you she's making stew tonight

uuhh anxiety? 


i was lying on the living room floor bc i was super dizzy after walking to the shop and as i was laying on the floor trying to breathe etc an ad came on tv abt anxiety and depression and according to my loopy brain it was the funniest gd thing id heard all day i laughed so hard i got dizzy again

i just heard a split second of the opening theme and started weeping helb m e

i love fullmetal alchemist more than 80% of my family not joking

the only thing i know abt berries is that everyone moved to it and it doesn't work

my family watching me eat an entire banoffee pie despite the fact that im allergic to bananas: :pika:

Please always remember that after sex it’s important to shout “GG EZ” directly into your partners ear, or you’re not a real gamer. #JustGamerGirlThings

i never had one but i was SO jealous of the kids that did lol

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