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Thanks OpenIndiana! I can't install your software since I'm (slightly) colorblind and I can't distinguish the "function keys" in the bottom of the screen. :)))))))))))))))))))))))

I'm starting to love and love more Storybooks. They have an official addon that tests the accessibility of your components.

This is great, since there's a lot of people that cares about accessibility but doesn't know how to implement it and with this plugin you can easily see what's wrong with your components and fix it (e.g. "your form is missing a label")

It would be great if it would be implemented by default thought

I love my new Sway wallpaper!! It's set using Vilhalmer's Oguri project!

Thanks, due to my daltonism I can't distinguish the two colors, which makes this guide garbage for me :))))

What the fuck is going on? Where aee all my plugins? My pinned containered tabs?

I'm shocked. 6 months ago I designed a backup system with Borg that was connected to Matrix and was supposed to send me a message if a backup failed. 6 months later, a backup has failed, and I was messaged! I'm quite impressed the whole thing is working!! :D

This is too much. This is literally a man in the middle performed by "my" router. I'm going to call to my ISP to see what's going on and demand full admin access to my router

Debian 6 GRUB was a thing. It's a shame that they're this boring nowadays :(


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