There is little evidence to suggest that mastodons communicated by "tooting," and even less to suggest that they possessed the dexterity to play with a little paper airplane

@neiltyson why you gotta ruin everything? Sure they didn't fly paper airplanes and probably didn't toot. That's not the point. The point is fun.

You remember fun, don't you? Maybe as a boy you had it once?

@neiltyson and next I suppose you're gonna say the Earth's not flat 🙄

Woah if this is real, I’d be so happy. @neiltyson please be real!

@alexhaas @neiltyson is there such thing as “verified” for mastodon? Does it go against the point of mastodon?

@mcarroll @neiltyson To my knowledge, there isn’t. I don’t think it necessarily goes against the point of this network. cc: @Gargron

@neiltyson is this really ndt

because this toot is annoying enough to make me think so

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