> An AudioBufferSourceNode can only be played once; after each call to start(), you have to create a new node if you want to play the same sound again. Fortunately, these nodes are very inexpensive to create [..] create the node, call start() to begin playing the sound, and don't even bother to hold a reference to it. It will automatically be garbage-collected at an appropriate time

LOLWAT? Mentioning the garbage collector and "appropriate time" in one sentence is a joke, too.

I have to laugh like a derp whenever I see utterly cleared out aisles in the supermarket. What have people been living on all this time, and have they not been using toilet paper all along?

I just want to ask them, but I'm afraid they might sneeze on me.


I keep forgetting to actually use this. Never liked the Twitter format, from day one, but a textarea is a textarea, and I generally like *those*.

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"Die Tech-Konzerne [ , , ] wollen die Schulen abhängig machen und langfristig beeinflussen"... und der Staat schaut dabei zu. Auch wenn einzelne Schulen sich mit dem Einsatz von Freier Software dagegen währen, brauchen wir ein generelles umdenken. sueddeutsche.de/wirtschaft/app

"If the totalitarian conqueror conducts himself everywhere as though he were at home, by the same token he must treat his own population as though he were a foreign conqueror."

-- Hannah Arendt

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