Finally I could made my on FreeBSD desktop computer thanks to Lenovo computers and GhostBSD, I am really happy and also it will be my main desktop computer. So I will have one FreeBSD and one Linux laptop. Really happy about it.

Hello again ! I came back again to Mastodon, Yay !.

One question does anyone knows how to add recently video on youtube as your main video on your channel or as the default ?

@ChrisWere And I don't know may be we have too much social media ?

have anyone here know the rumor ?, Microsoft is going to buy github and it seems all developers who used just reacted in negative way, what do you think about ?.

I've got a new video about mastering EDM with a completely open-source toolchain: Ardour, Calf and EQ10Q:

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@Oye vistes lo que te encie antes ? acerca de las mujeres hindues en el opensource ?

@fanta estaba viendo esto tal vez te interese, sobre como las mujeres hindues ayudan con el opensource :

@fanta Si claro lo interesante es saber es que un "bot" es un "followers" como diria enjuto mojamuto "followers followers twitter twitter followers followers ....". jajajjajaja y gracias por la aclaratoria!.

It is amazing some people believe they are free just using some programs. Just watch your steps, you will be free if you do the right thing if you make a mistake (in anyway) then you are not going to be free. Freedom does not depend on programs, webpages and etc.... it depends on us. I always be free if I know what it is right and what it is wrong I don't depend on a program to have freedom.

As I have seen some people showing pictures of their cats, I am going to show my virtual cat from Amor (a program). Here is NEKO: 😂

Wao it is the first time in a social network that I reach the 100 post ! this is a record for me ! LOL! 😂

@fanta @neomoevius Pues yo soy de los que piensa que las mujeres son mejores en esos trabajos. El problema está en que el hombre siempre se ha caracterizado más en el trabajo rudo, supongo porque tiene el cuerpo más fuerte y tal. Hoy en día esto no vale para nada, incluso te digo que las mujeres tienen mejor visión de las cosas a medio y largo plazo que los hombres.
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