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@hellojed I had 150 followers on twitter and I was on there for 9 years. On mastodon I have 250 followers and I've only been here since April. Lots of friends to make here!!!

@neomoevius @jjg Hopefully Kestrel-3 or its successor will be good enough to handle real-time music production tasks. :)

@neomoevius @jjg The problem is that it takes a *crapton* of effort to make it look good. Out of the box, LaTeX will happily provide really awesome quality, but it has a few defects:

- Some constructs run off the edge of the page (especially if you put them in tables or bullet lists)

- It doesn't lay out figures quite right, leaving large amounts of white-space on pages,

- LyX cannot be made to recognize all the different "environments" that exist for LaTeX or TeX in general.

@neomoevius @jjg All sources are available at all times, and documentation on the register maps, bits, et. al. are considered part of the deliverables. One of my motivations is to make a book (or *small!!* set of books) that documents the Kestrel just like the C64 Programmers Reference Guide or Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manuals.

@neomoevius @jjg MPLv2 lets me require copy-left semantics for any given source file, but that limitation does not transcend the source file to which it applies.

So, if I have five files that are MPLv2, and another six that are BSD, then copyleft requirements *only* applies to those five so-licensed. The BSD files need not have copyleft stipulations.

@neomoevius @jjg Right now, everything I write is MPLv2, since it straddles the divide between GPLv3 and BSD nicely (and is GPLv3 compatible).

However, if someone were to contribute material with GPLv3 license AND was not willing to license to MPLv2 for the project, then I'm not *too* heart-broken by switching to *L*GPLv3 going forward.

The only reason I don't want to adopt GPLv3 en toto is because of an ambiguity in what "linked against" means when it comes to hardware/software interface.

@jjg As far as I am aware, I'm the only person who is working on an open source RISC-V based home computer of any kind.

(Other personal computer designs exist, but they're basically IBM PC/AT clones with RISC-V cores for processors. They're also not published anywhere.)

If you want to do angry calls against support staff, please make sure you are right. Also, don't ever do angry calls against support staff.

@neomoevius Great, thank you for replying me in Nihongo! 😋

@the_boss Thanks for the following, if you are japanese: Anatawa Domo Arigatoooo ! 😜

Cool !, a new platform to make webpages and free (yes free but also opensource), name ? well look for neocities:

If I was Twitter I'd be scared shitless by Mastodon. Nice work @Gargron, team, and open source nomads.

Using a smartphone makes sense, sometimes. And then it doesn't.

When you need a big laptop, and then don't, it is apparent. When you need a light laptop, or a water-cooled desktop, and then don't, it is apparent.

Smartphones distract folks. It doesn't have an exit plan, because you have two years to use it, and then repeat the cycle.

Smartphones don't make sense for me.

if you like one of them, you could like others (aka self-promoting of tools for OpenBSD - all available in ports):

- sysclean : list obsolete files between OpenBSD upgrades (aka delete old stuff between upgrades)

- checkrestart : help to find processes that need restarting after upgrade (aka which service to restart after pkg_add -u)

- upobsd : download, verify and patch bsd.rd image (aka upgrading the system without hands)

And the best thing of both worlds (FreeBSD and Linux) is that there are not tons of virus/malware/adware like Win* (well there are some worms ..... but apply on servers 🤔) I hope they still make better every day ! (FreeBSD and Debian Linux) 😍

What a difference updating a OpenSource OS than Win*. Specially that you can update what you want withou the risk of lossing everything. Right Now I am updating my TrueOS Desktop computer with out any noise or problem while the same is the same history with Debian Linux. A boost for both comunities (Debian Linux and FreeBSD) to create such operating systems !.

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