rabbits, psa 

rabbits, psa 

“Bake my wife, Steve!” -Rodney Dangerfield requesting that his friend Steve, a baker, make a cafe in the shape of his wife.

Three years since this glorious gem. Press f to pay one remembrance :pressf: (birdsite)


I am thinking about Roller Queen, and listening to Roller Queen, and, so, here is Roller Queen by Jimmy Eat World youtu.be/-qmUUhKxmtY

an all black outfit really never stops looking good

yelling excitedly about His Dark Materials on HBO/BBC casting 

Imagine Dragons and Tame Impala is the same

Good morning! Laughing to myself about a COEXIST bumper sticker but it says "COMGAHUNGUS"

a movie I love, capslock 

food ++++++ 

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