I’m so sad I have actual work to do and can’t read Alex’s poetry archive (yet).

@nuttgodd work is when you do things you don’t like in order to live under capitalism, @alex posted his entire old Devianart poetry archive on here because he got 50+ boosts

@neoncoughh lmao I have to be like reminded hardcore of who alex is every day because cis men are invisible to me

@nuttgodd I need a file folder in my head of everyone’s name and pronouns that updates automatically when things change 😩

@neoncoughh I'm now realizing that I saw a bunch of people posting with the hashtag and just like completely glazed over it cause cis (het???) men are literally like the color red when I'm wearing 3D glasses

@neoncoughh oh wait i just remembered alex maybe talking about not being het. see i remember that post

@nuttgodd @neoncoughh het(???) is correct. my sexual orientation is definitely het(???)

@alex @neoncoughh you sound like me when i added quotation marks to cishet

@nuttgodd @neoncoughh I am somewhat limited in this journey as I am married and expecting a child, but I am happily to reframe my past experiences in a queered lens!!! yeah!

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