Actual copy from this listing: "Fashion,like the scrunchie, is a flat circle. so you might as well be wearing one right now . You are leading lady running all over town wearing a scrunchie. A SCRUNCHIE!"

Check your head right now: are you wearing a scrunchie, you might think the answer is no, but you might be surprised, time, like the scrunchie, is a flat circle

@neoncoughh I need Laser to read this post in Herzog voice, where is he

@Pixley @Laser @neoncoughh if i had any idea how to fix this i would have a go, although i think the one i did before was a fluke really. but alas i haven't been able to record any sound for weeks now :(


@lennie @Pixley @Laser I’m speechless, this is wonderful 👏

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@neoncoughh thank you, fortunately the first 11 takes where werner was accidentally welsh will never be aired

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