Every 9/11 I think about the list of songs and artists Clear Channel arbitrarily banned (excuse me, songs and artists they ""suggested"" not be played) from the radio in the days after.

@neoncoughh I remember having to search for the foreign edition of Is This It? To get “New York City Cops”. Wild time

@remulacfrommars yes!!!! And then they were kind of weird about playing it live, if I remember correctly?

(I downloaded that song from Napster HAHA)

@neoncoughh it was a double whammy because the UK cover art was also not allowed here for prudishness reasons

@remulacfrommars I really like the US art but it remains silly that the UK art was banned/not allowed. What a weird time

Also, hope you're hanging in there with teaching and parenting during all of this

@neoncoughh Yeah, I worked for them from early 2001 to 2009. They fucking sucked.

@breakfastgolem ohhhh my goddddd, I cannot even IMAGINE what that was like!! Fuck!

@neoncoughh I was the sysadmin for a dozen radio stations in one building. Some of them were cool (like 91X) and others were dogshit (like KOGO600). The company overall was very conservative and their business and ethical decisions were baffling at best. But hey, they laid me off in 2009 and gave me nearly a year's worth of severance! :D

@neoncoughh wow, this list is absolutely outrageous and seems like just Stretch Armstrong levels of reaching

@SanfordianPhil @ItsJenNotGabby because Egypt is a Middle Eastern country, you see,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

@radicalrobit @neoncoughh @ItsJenNotGabby thanks to this wiki article I found out clear channel is now iheart and uhhhh that suddenly makes alot of sense

@ItsJenNotGabby @neoncoughh "Ruby Tuesday" by the Rolling Stones because people might uncontrollably lose their shit if they hear the word "Tuesday" in any context on the radio

@mood @ItsJenNotGabby @neoncoughh I had to look up what year that Green Day song came out (2004)

@neoncoughh @erinbee @mood @ItsJenNotGabby it’s so weird that there’s people on the tl that were literally born after it and never experienced the pre-weirdness

"The list contains 165 suggestions, including a single suggestion for all songs by Rage Against the Machine"


@neoncoughh lmao this list is hilarious. also shows how easily a world where everyday control is exercised by private companies can easily lose all free speech.

@healyn I think my favorite is how Alien Ant Farm’s cover of “Smooth Criminal” was banned, but not the original


@healyn 311 were a real threat to national security healyn

@neoncoughh i was saying this for at least 5 years prior to 9/11, but nobody would listen

@neoncoughh wait, why did i think Amber was released in the 90s, and *further*, why did i not know the song is about Nicole Scherzinger, who apparently was engaged to their lead singer at the time?

@healyn because it’s a timeless classic and also the meaning of this song is the new thing I learned today

@neoncoughh useless knowledge is the best kind, that's what i always say

@neoncoughh War Pigs... yeah that is interesting...

"Rage Against the Machine (All songs)..."

@neoncoughh you know I don’t love everything on this list but there’s a good mix of hits and enough stuff that’s new to me so it’s a solid 7/10

@neoncoughh still loved the timing of jimmy eat world’s album and single “bleed american”

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