Every 9/11 I think about the list of songs and artists Clear Channel arbitrarily banned (excuse me, songs and artists they ""suggested"" not be played) from the radio in the days after. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clear_Ch

@neoncoughh I remember having to search for the foreign edition of Is This It? To get “New York City Cops”. Wild time

@remulacfrommars yes!!!! And then they were kind of weird about playing it live, if I remember correctly?

(I downloaded that song from Napster HAHA)

@neoncoughh it was a double whammy because the UK cover art was also not allowed here for prudishness reasons

@remulacfrommars I really like the US art but it remains silly that the UK art was banned/not allowed. What a weird time

Also, hope you're hanging in there with teaching and parenting during all of this

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