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Hell yeah, I finally got an avatar!
Personally traced in Krita from a public domain image of an emperor penguin.

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Finally a #introduction 

I haven't posted anything here yet, mostly because of anxiety and feeling like there isn't much for me to say.
Never really had a FB or Twitter.
But I have a tendency to get fascinated with FOSS alternatives to closed platforms, play around with it, even if I don't need it. Like setting up a Matrix homeserver then never chatting with anyone.
I decided to try being more active on here but don't expect much.
What else? Uhh, my interests include communism, cats and computers.

becoming a platonist and journeying to the Realm of Forms to find the ideal shitpost

german politics 

Imagine being the head of the youth organization of the social democrats, and as soon as you make some actually leftist statements everyone tries their best to take you apart in the media.
Even your soc dem buddies trip over themselves as they all try to relativize and defang your message, and the former leader of the soc dems rushes to some business magazine to write an article comparing you to Trump.
What a feeling that must be.

"Person in position of power calls for change in own domain of influence"

bro you got elected. like bro you can just, y'know, change stuff.

I was near to my own Bed. How pleasurable!

— Sibrek Oltaråm, sheriff

porn adjacent? 

Just looked through some old folders on my laptop and found a script I made that gets live search terms from pornhub and passes them to a text to speech engine lol

I just want to slow down and take it easy for a while. I'm uneasy.

— Nish Udeshled, expedition leader

open to torrent a kiss (boost to seed it) 


Hell yeah, I finally got an avatar!
Personally traced in Krita from a public domain image of an emperor penguin.

The EVGA 80 700watt PSU is a great powersupply for your gaming rig. I really love the high quality of everything about it, the cables stick into my parts FIRMY and ever fall out like my last one. sometimes I can hear my PSU making the interfeterance hum loudly in the night and so I open up the computer and try to stick my fingers though the little grate in the PSU so I can feel it (it reminds me of mother)
The PSU makers did a great job, I can even hear the hum when the computer is off and unplugged, I also hear the hum at work, somtimes I hear the hum in my dreams like it's calling for me from the beyond, telling me to join it
Overall it's a great 700watt PSU for your build, another great product from EVGA.

Something on Netflix subtitles:
I recently watched "The Wandering Earth" on Netflix and used their subtitles for the first time.
And damn do they suck in terms of technical quality. Not sure if this is for all Netflix content or only this one.
They do the job, but at times have bad timing, multiple speakers are hard to separate, and they have no styling.
Anime fansubs apparently are leagues above "professional" stuff.

"The Wandering Earth (2019)" short review (no spoilers) 

and didn't really do much for me.
That's about it for the movie. If you have time to waste and can stand some absurd sci fi handwavium then it's okay.
Last point: I watched it with english subtitles because I do not speak chinese and the technical quality of Netflix subtitles sucks.
More on that in a different post.

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"The Wandering Earth (2019)" short review (no spoilers) 

The movie was a decent science fiction time waster, nothing outstanding.
The premise and the solution at the climax of the movie were so ridiculous that they hurt the experience somewhat, as it fails to believably connect the realistic to the fantastical. The plot feels a bit jumpy at times and could have benefitted from taking the time to connect the segments better. The drama of the main characters follows the standard movie pattern (cont)

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