"The Wandering Earth (2019)" short review (no spoilers) 

The movie was a decent science fiction time waster, nothing outstanding.
The premise and the solution at the climax of the movie were so ridiculous that they hurt the experience somewhat, as it fails to believably connect the realistic to the fantastical. The plot feels a bit jumpy at times and could have benefitted from taking the time to connect the segments better. The drama of the main characters follows the standard movie pattern (cont)


"The Wandering Earth (2019)" short review (no spoilers) 

and didn't really do much for me.
That's about it for the movie. If you have time to waste and can stand some absurd sci fi handwavium then it's okay.
Last point: I watched it with english subtitles because I do not speak chinese and the technical quality of Netflix subtitles sucks.
More on that in a different post.

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