Mit viel Unterstützung von @OpenBikeSensor, der @Stadt_Konstanz und entstehen dieses Wochenende 10 neue Sensoren.

Wenn der 3D Drucker 30min vor Druckende einen Fehler hat... 😡

My current side project just got interrupted by a side-side-project.

Egal was passiert: mir kann heute keiner was! Den ich bin definitiv mit dem rechten Fuß aufgestanden.

Suche Reiesepartner/in für 2-3 Wochen Trekkingtour/Radreise Ende August.

Past-me did a bad job appyling the solder paste, so I just had to do some QFN rework.

Took me another moment to understand why a negative diameter is plausible here.

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A week ago I found MANY parts of never finished 3D printers in my local hackspace, so I decided now to start my own .

Could someone please suggest me a, preferable European based, PCB manufacturer which is capable of producing 0.22-0.25 mm thick 4 layers PCBs?

The downside of combining so many different tools is being almost never fully finished. There is always a variation missing which still could be added... but as the current state does run stable on all projects I need it I am happy to release now version v1.0

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auto generation of gerbers, schematic, BoM, and other documents whenever you run a git push on your @kicad_pcb project.
It is still a bit bumpy, but hope you might find it useful.

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