So this version is without X11 support.

According to Arch wiki: "If you usually work in a terminal, you may prefer the emacs-nox variant without GTK (nor sound and other fancy stuff). Be aware that the text version comes with some drawbacks: it supports less colors and less features for font handling (size change in live, various sizes in one document, and so on)." #emacs #EmacsNox

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The orginal emacs and emacs-nox are in conflict though. So I had to remove original emacs. But then they look so similar, I was couldn't believe I was emacs-nox. #emacs #emacs-nox

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@redstarfish Such a shame on me. Although being an emacs fan, I have never tried emacs-nox, does it have an official website or something similar cause I could find anything on the net.


@dinoallosaurus @redstarfish
Simply put it's emacs built with --without-x --without-sound options.

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